New Season for LTV2 Millstreet

The first new programme to be broadcast by LTV2 Millstreet will be transmitted on Thursday, 11th November 2010 at 10.00 p.m..   It will be preceded by the broadcast of two programmes from our archives on Thursday, 28th Oct. and on Thursday, 4th Nov. so that an opportunity is accorded to all who wish to make any necessary adjustments so as to receive the optimum reception.   Broadcast Co-ordinator, Dan Joe Kelleher indicates that the first new programme from LTV1 (Macroom area) will be broadcast on Wednesday, 27th Oct.. at 9.30 p.m..  Both local channels will feature repeats of that week’s programme on Sundays at 6.30 p.m. with a special religious presentation on Sundays at 5.00 p.m..  A number of test signals will be aired over the coming weeks on the usual Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday broadcast times.   Updates regarding information about upcoming programmes will appear on the “Lee Valley Outlook” magazine (fortnightly in the Muskerry area), on “The Corkman” (John Tarrant’s Millstreet Notes), on our local website , on LTV2 Millstreet Facebook site and also on Eily Buckley’s c103 regional report on local radio.

Should you wish to share opinions relating to programmes perhaps one of the best ways is to chat to those involved in the making and presentation of the programmes.  Such communication is both welcomed and encouraged.

This season’s programmes will bring you lots of local news happenings, will share recordings from various locations such as Coachford, Killaloe, River Shannon, Belfast, Derry City, Mullingar and many more settings.   And we shall hear from the Singing Priests and attend a 100th Birthday….So do join us during the Winter/Spring season.  (Seán Radley for )

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