Google Street View of Millstreet

Community School Students on their lunch break outside Centra at the West End wave at the Google Street Car in May 2009

Google have today launched their Street View of Ireland, and Millstreet is included in that. For those that don’t know what Street View is, it places panoramic photos from the street every 10 or so metres on top of Google Maps. Most of the local roads are covered too, even out in the countryside. It is very impressive.

If you haven’t been to Millstreet, or haven’t been there in a while and would like to see how it has changed, then click here to start in the Square.

It appears that the Google Street Car visited Millstreet sometime in May 2009 (the election posters are up around town). Included below are dozens of people caught by the Google cameras in Millstreet (more being added all the time).

The weather seemed like it was a day of two halves when they visited, photos from the square show dark clouds, while at Coole Cross the sky was nearly cloud free.

John O’Riordan saw that there is someone at the hospital cross doing something he probably shouldn’t. You will of course notice that the faces are blotched out for privacy reasons on Google Street View.

The Google Street Car came in the Killarney road about 12:40pm (Clock on Centra, West End), went up Main Street at 1:05pm (from Aislings clock), was in Rathcoole at 3pm as the children came out of school.

By all means leave a comment below if you see something peculiar on Google Street View from the Millstreet area.

4 thoughts on “Google Street View of Millstreet”

  1. wow. street veiw is great. long awaited. but i don’t remember millstreet as well as i thought. where has the little centra store gone? it was on the right hand side of the main street as you drove down towards the church. I was looking for this shop for my bearings but just cant find it. If I remember, there were videos to rent upstair. If I can find that shop on street view I will find everything else I knew. Can anyone help?

    1. Margaret, if I remember correctly that shop was on the corner as you turned down the Station Rd. It was demolished some years ago to make the junction wider as it was very narrow. It had been unused for years before that.
      You can see the new corner here:

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