Kerry Life Education Mobile Unit in Cullen

Mobile Unit at Cullen Church Car Park
Kerry Life Education Mobile Unit in Cullen today (30th Sept. 2010)

Children from Cullen and Carriganima National Schools attended the Kerry Life Education Mobile Unit within which a wonderfully educational presentation superbly co-ordinated by Séamus Whitty took place in the Car Park of Cullen Church today (30th Sept. 2010).  The overall purpose of this excellent project is to help children make healthy choices.   The various activities certainly motivated the children and provided a wealth of inspiring ideas to assist them in making wise and sound choices in the years ahead.    The Mobile Unit visits up to 150 schools mainly in Co. Kerry but also in Cork areas in the Kerry Diocese.  We thank Hannah Kelleher (Principal, Cullen N.S.) for alerting us to this uplifting and educational event. (Seán)

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