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This email arrived to us this morning:

We are two french hikers planning to hike in the area next week (from Millstreet to port magee on Valentia island). Our plan is to camp every night of our trip because of our small budget. But we couldn’t find any camping in Millstreet. So we wanted to know if by any chance there is something like a camp site in the town where we could stay overnight?

Etienne & Chloé

I’m sure there are no camping or caravanning facilities in Millstreet 🙁 (please correct this if it’s wrong), and in these days where people are traveling on small budgets, it’s important that these visitors are catered for too, rather than turn them away.
If anyone can help Etienne & Chloé leave a comment below or send a message using the Contact Us page, and we’ll forward the message. [Thankfully there have been two separate offers of a place to camp for the night – Geararoe B&B, and Green Glens thanks to them both]

But, how ironic it is that in 2007 Millstreet hosted the 73rd International Camping And Caravanning Rally (see the video below), yet has no campsite of its own.

FICC Rally covered by LTV2 Millstreet 2007 (starts about 3:30)

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