Spillanes baptised in Millstreet

I have just discovered that my great grand aunt and uncle (brother and sister) were baptised in Millstreet. Their names were Daniel and Catherine Spillane, their father Paul Spillane and their mother Catherine Driscoll. Their sponsors (god parents) were Michael Spillane, Ellen Driscoll, Tim Mccarthy and Ellen Spillane. Clonakilty is the recorded parochial area. I should love to know more about the family and hope someone will recognise the names. The family came over to England around 1841/2. Daniel became a Catholic priest and died in 1896 visiting family in New York.!
As far as I know Catherine never married and her parents died in England. I hope you can help, or point me in the right direction for further research”. Best wishes, Christine.

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  1. My grand father Maurice James Spillane was baptised in Millstreet January,1865 came to USA Boston area 1875. Record show what appears to be an Aunt was married in the same timeframe plus or minus a few weeks of his baptisim. His parents James Jeffery & Mary were born around 1842 but I am not clear on the location of the birth, can not fine any records that they were born in Millstreet.

  2. Hi Bob, not sure if we have a connection, but since we both have Spillanes baptised in Millstreet (My Catherine and Daniel 1836 & 1839)I feel there should be. Daniel became a Catholic priest and in 1898 went over to New York to visit family (I think it was his sister, Catherine). He died there a few days later and is buried in Calvary Cemetary N.Y. His sister paid for the grave. Like you, I have found no birth certificate or even marriage for their parents Paul Spillane & Catherine Driscoll. Their younger sister, Mary Ann Spillane, was born in UK and married a French man. She is buried in France. However, I can send you all I have about them from my tree if you like, but I would need your email address.
    Happy researching.

    1. Christine

      Daniel and Katharine Spillane (mid to late 1890’s) were children of Maurice and Katharine. Katharine was born in USA but her parents were from a village a short distance from Millstreet off the butter road on the way to Cork City.

  3. Hi Bob: Are you from the North Easton, Mass. area ? My grandfather Jack Spillane was born in Millstreet and He had a brother Maurice. He arrived in North Easton in 1886 or so at the age of 6. He aslo had sisters, Hanna Pomeroy and Julia Murphy and an older brother Steve. All were born in Millstreet. A brother Bernie, the youngest, was born in the USA.
    Joe Krowski

    1. Yes, I was living in North Easton until we moved to Wareham. My Dad is Clement and he had Aunts and Uncles of the same names that you list. I believe that Steve livied in Stoughton, Hanna & Julia had a little store about a block from the park near the lumber yard in North Easton. My Dad and his siblings grew up on North Main Street , N. Easton. One of the brothers Jack or Bernie became a Doctor and move out to the Springfield area. You stated 1886 as the move date, I have 1876 in my mine set but nothing is factual. Maurice was the oldest son of James and Mary. So we need to talk to iron out the facts

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  4. Bernie (Bernard) was my grandfather. He was the first in his family to attend college and then went on to medical school. He was a Urologist at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. He raised his family in the Hartford area and he died there in 1968.

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