Ron Meets Baby Jacob

It was indeed a very special moment – one to be truly treasured – when Ron Gerrard met with Baby Jacob Nowak. It all happened this Saturday afternoon (17th July 2010) at the very welcoming home of the Nowak Family. A royal welcome was accorded to Ron and Tom (Grainger) when we visited the Nowak home at Killarney Road, Millstreet. We had not at all expected the delicious meal which was all ready to be served in the Polish manner. Joining Jacob was his Mum (Wiola), his Grannmother (Grazyna Nowak), his sister and neighbour, Thomas Duggan. Jacob’s Dad (Mariusz) had not returned home from work before we left. Ron made the very impressive presentation of €655.00 and a beautiful self-made timber lorry toy to Baby Jacob who found the lorry the most interesting of all! Ron and Tom had organised the splendid fund-raising event on Friday with the very kind permission of all at Supervalu, Millstreet. It was one of the most sincere occasions I have ever witnessed as this afternoon’s presentation between Ron and Baby Jacob took place. We feel hugely privileged to have been in such company. Here we share that very memorable occasion. (Seán Radley for

A royal welcome at the Nowak home...Orange the favourite drink!
Mariusz (Jacob's Dad) is pictured third from left at recent Drishane Fete for Baby Jacob preparations

lots more photos below:

"Finally we get to meet, Jacob!" says Ron
"Yes, this is an international meeting - England and Poland," replies Wiola
Time for the official presentation!
"Now, that envelope is full of treasure..but I like how it's being carried!"
The official presentation of the €655.00 to the Baby Jacob Fund and of the timber lorry (made by Ron) to Baby Jacob
"Let's put the envelope aside while I concentrate on that great lorry!"

"This is going to be one of my very favourite toys...and I shall also share it with my sister!"
"Ron, what a truly wonderful gesture for Jacob," says Grazyna
"We thank you sincerely, Ron."
Baby Jacob brings about this meeting of Poland, England and Ireland.
International Friendship at its very best!
"We must be sure to keep us this great friendship now established."
Time to say goodbye ... but, as Vera Lynn sings "We'll meet again".
"And for you, Seán, one of my special wooden bowls...for having recorded such a unique occasion."

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  1. well done ron and tom you finally did what you had planned to do well done to two of the biggest hearts around,

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