Nora Bredhaeur

A daughter of Denis and Elly Murphy of green and high Claramore
Many years have passed since Nora sailed for Australia’s southern shore
For Victoria’s biggest City Melbourne where she became John Bredhaeur’s wife
Where she gave birth to and raised their children and lived out her long life.
It must have been at least a decade since by phone to them I spoke
A warm and lovely lady married to a friendly bloke
With her I shared things in common as we both hailed from Millstreet
Though sad am I to have to say her I never got to meet.
As I lived in Wonthaggi then from Melbourne in miles far
At least a two hours drive and tough at that even for those travelling by car
But we recalled happy memories of people we did know
In the countryside west of Millstreet Town where the Finnow waters flow
On it’s journey to the great Blackwater on it’s ever sea going way
Far from old Claramore by Clara hill her last remains now lay
Just like the flowers of Summer we are quick to meet decay
And for each and everyone of us a final night and day.

by Francis Duggan

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