Charles Barry

In the family home in Murphy’s Terrace he lived his last night and day
And his last remains rest in St Mary’s from there about a mile away
He was a good man Charles Barry of life he had a lengthy span
He will be missed by his family and many friends this well liked and honourable man.
One of the senior citizens of old Millstreet the famous Town by Clara Hill
The Seasons and years do pass quickly and for anyone time doesn’t stand still
One might say he had a good innings but he had the will to live on
When most of those he went to school with were to the forever long gone.
One who did not crave recognition he never did yearn for renown
Just one of the nicest of people in Duhallow and Millstreet Town
The longest human life journey not a long one for all of us there’s a last Fall
The grief of the mourners is profound but death it does come to us all.
The true gentleman Charles Barry his last remains in St Mary’s lay
But with his family and friends in Millstreet in Duhallow fond memories of the good man will stay
A person well worth knowing and remembering in life he made many a friend
Upon his successful life’s journey a journey that for us all comes to an end.

by Francis Duggan

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