The Bush Bar Girls

The girls I knew from the Bush bar where might they be today?
Perhaps some might be living now in cities far away
Whilst some found love with local men and in Duhallow stay
And in the backyards of their homes their children romp and play.
The Murphys Mary and Eileen and their friend Catherine Moore
Where these three women live today can’t say that I feel sure
And blond haired Rita Murphy from the road by Mushera hill
Did she find love near to her home and live near Aubane still?
The O Brien sisters from near Rathmore they lived in Millview Lane
They found true love in the Bush bar and the memories remain
Of Breda Tarrant with the sweet singing voice she has a heart of gold
I keep on going back to the past back to the days of old
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Regional Report 1019 29th June 2010


Eily Buckley

Dia is Mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to news report 1019 from Millstreet.

Fondest greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the very best on this beautiful rich, warm, Tuesday morning, after a night of soft rain.

There is never a dull moment. We had no less than two major celebrations here in Millstreet this week past week. It started on Wednesday morning at the presentation Convent School when teachers and pupils were among the large crowd to spring a surprise event on Sean Radley, to mark his retirement after over 30 years of dedication as a remedial teacher. The unsuspecting Sean was asked to unveil a plaque on the schoolyard wall. Little did he think that it was dedicated to his good self. It read as follows. This Garden  is dedicated to Sean Radley our esteemed Colleague and Friend who planted seeds of Friendship, Love, and Learning in this school. Mile Buiochas. June 2010.

And what a fitting tribute to a man who has given so much.  Further speeches and presentations made and the day grew into a Fun-day for all, In brilliant sunshine. Bounching Castles, face-painting, games and a barbeque.

Sean wasn’t allowed to touch a camera. Geraldine Dennehy filled in for him on this special occasion.

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Duhallow Community Food Services

2010 January - RSS Supervisor Tim Ring making deliveries on foot when the van could go no further in the snow in Kilcorney Co Cork

Duhallow Community Food Services is an award winning community enterprise providing a subsidised meal service to those that are not in a position to cook for themselves and are isolated because of age, illness, lack of transport or other disadvantages that result in living in a rural area. In order to supplement the cost of producing the “meals on wheels” service, Duhallow Community Food Services expanded the business into two other key facets, bakery and contract catering. For family and community events, celebrations and gatherings, Duhallow Community Food Services offer a selection of meal options. Typically this service is used for christenings, communions, confirmations, home entertaining and wider community events.

from the Duhallow Community Food Services website

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