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“Hot Country” which has been transmitted on Rural TV (Sky 279) up to recently will be back on air again from June 7th, this time on the Showcase Channel (Sky 201).   According to co-ordinator, Hugh O’Brien, the weekly one hour programme may be seen on Sundays (8-9pm), Mondays (8-9pm), Tuesdays (2-3pm) and Saturdays (2-3pm).  (Seán Radley for

Below is the brochure we received about the rescheduling:

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  1. This is falsified information. RURAL TV will be returning to SKY 280. Here’s the recent press release, which explains RURAL TV’s move to SKY 280:

    RURAL TV Teams Up with Horse & Country to Offer Enhanced TV Line-Up

    Cwmbran and London

    June 1, 2010

    Horse & Country TV, the world’s largest digital channel devoted to horses, horse sport and country activities, and RURAL TV, announced today that they will offer a combined on air-schedule starting this month.

    RURAL TV will join H&C TV on Sky Channel 280, offering a six-hour block of programming from 11 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday, and from 6 pm to midnight on Mondays. The combined channel will also be available on FreeSat Channel 403.

    H&C TV Chairman, Heather Killen said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our viewers a greater variety of programming, including western pleasure and natural horsemanship. Our new partnership with RURAL TV will also allow us to reach an expanded audience via FreeSat, which is now in more than 1 million homes in the UK.”

    Ed Frazier COO of Rural Media Group said: “Our programming on RURAL TV has proven to be popular with the UK audience. We’re particularly pleased with the reception our country music shows have enjoyed. In combination with H&C TV we can offer the very best schedule of TV programming for all horse and country lovers.”

  2. To clarify this misinterpretation we wish to indicate that we were not referring to Rural TV but to the Country Music programme “Hot Country” which has recently changed to the Showcase Channel, Sky 201. We strive to provide information which is as accurate as possible but realise that misinterpretations can occasionally occur. We wish the excellent Rural TV Channel every success in the future.

  3. I watched Rural TV when it had its own channel and have missed Hot Country so much! I am so glad to have found it is still on, and shall be tuning in to listen every week!

  4. I enjoy Hot Country.The most entertaining programme on my 80 euro Lidl freesat system. Well done everybody involved.Outstanding

  5. It’s great to see Country Music back on TV.
    I much miss the Country Music Channel ( whoah,
    that was fifteen years back?)
    Pity the BBC only offer a radio show, and ITV
    have seemingly never heard of Country.

  6. Hot Country is aso broadcast on UPC channel 107 on cable tv systems in Co Dublin and surrounding counties.This is a local tv for Dublin.

  7. What about mart Stuart and the other programme that had all the old timers on chatting and singing it was great and is so missed

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