Springfield 1 Millstreet Celtic 1

Millstreet Celtic just fell short at the final hurdle this morning when they failed to beat Springfield in the division 2A decider in Cobh. As detailed in a post this week, they had to win the game to overtake Springfield on top of the table in the last game of the season, but could only manage a 1-1 draw, conceding a goal with the last kick of the game after 8 minutes of extra time. Reports also that that there were also some unsavory scenes after the final whistle.

However, they are promoted to Division 1A where they will have to contend with local rivals Rathcoole Rovers. (note: from the comments below, it looks like they were not promoted after all 🙁 we’ll see in the next few days for certain.

See the discussion on foot.ie about the controversy at the end of the game

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  1. sickend by d way d game finished up this mornin against springfield,dunno where he got (7mins)injury time from,didnt deserve 2 lose it in that way,as soon as they scored he blew full time,(he was a disaster of a ref anyway)

  2. Today we witnessed a mugging!!!!! He played 7 minutes added time in the first half and 8 minutes at the end ! A total of 15 in a game were there were only 4 substitutions and the trainers were only on the pitch 4 or 5 times with the water bottle. (no serious delay)
    Just to clarify, they are not promoted. Only 1 team is promoted from this division.

    1. Aidan, in divisions 2, 2A, and 2B two teams are promoted every year, going up to 1, 1A & 1B respectively. it’s the first divisions (1,1A,1B) that are so hard to get out of because only one from each of the three first divisions go up to the premier A division (I should know as I played for about 10 years in 1A). See the latest tables on the AUL website (http://www.corkaul.com) which shows the top two teams in divisions 2 & 2B as promoted, so presumably the top two teams in 2A will go up too … the up to date ones should be available on Tuesday and that will tell for definite.
      Sorry ye didn’t win today 🙁

  3. Michael in all your years you obviously spent no time looking into fact as this year only the champions are promoted. Aidan is spot on. Hopefully if teams drop out or go MSL then Milstreet may get promoted but as of now only the league winners are going up

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