Peg Coleman

2013-01-13 Millstreet Mastero - Peg Coleman

She was mother of Billy and John Coleman two Millstreet sportsmen of sporting renown
And wife of Paddy of the Coleman Brothers reputable business men of Millstreet Town
A family woman devoted to her husband and children in life her friends in numbers they did grow
Peg Coleman will be missed by all who knew her and by her many friends in Minor Row,
She lived to be a good age in her nineties in nine decades there’s many a night and day
Amongst the dead of Millstreet Town and Parish Peg Coleman now at peace forever lay
A good person she deserves to be remembered memories of her will outlive this simple rhyme
When I was a boy she was a mature woman and that is going back many years in time
Most of the adults of my childhood are now deceased and our biological clocks on our lives tick away
It would be great if we could live forever but for all of us a final night and day
Yes it would be nice if we could live forever but only Nature lives forever more
Peg Coleman she did live to be a great age for a decade of years at least with four score
To live that long in itself an achievement but she did live quite a successful life
A good mother to her sons John and Billy and to Paddy Coleman a devoted wife.

by Francis Duggan

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