DART – Duhallow Rural Transport

Duhallow Rural Area Transport (DART) provides an invaluable service to people living in rural areas in Duhallow to access basic amenities such as health clinics, pension, shopping.

Fares are as follow: Free for Travel Pass Holders. Adults: €3.50 up to 5 Miles, €6.00 thereafter, Students €2.50 return, Children ages 10 and over €2.00 return, Children ages 5-10 €1.00 accompanied by adult, children under 5 free accompanied by adult.
Special Trips and Outings: Special Trips and outings organised by your local community such as Bingo, Swimming, Matches, Social Outings during the day or night, out of school and summer camp activities etc. can be organised through DART where quotations are provided on request. Indicative subsidies are available from the HSE to Senior Citizens Groups. For further details please contact DART at 029-60648.

In the near future, IRD Duhallow will have the timetable on their website, but for the moment the latest timetables are listed below.

update (May 2010): IRD Duhallow have put the DART  timetables on their website for everyone to read.

Name of Route Frequency of Routes 2010 Pick Up Return
Boherbue-Newmarket-Kanturk-Mallow College Monday-Friday 8.15am,8.25am 8.35am 4.00pm
Ballydesmond-Kiskeam-Boberbue-Kanturk Monthly (3rd Sat. of every month) 10.00am/10.10/10.20/10.30 1.00pm
Banteer-Kanturk Weekly (Every Saturday) 10.45am 1.15pm
Boherbue-Kiskeam-Ballydesmond-Tralee Monthly (3rd Thursday of Month) 10.15am/10.30am/10.45am 4.30pm
Boherbue-Kiskeam-Ballydesmond-Castleisland Weekly ( Every Saturday) 10.15am 2.15pm
Cecilstown-Castlemagner-Kanturk Weekly (Every Saturday) 9.20/9.30/9.45am 1.00pm
Clonbanin-Derrinagreee- Millstreet Weekly (Every Friday) 9.30/9.40/9.50am 11.15am
Clonbanin-Derrygallon-Ardrahan-Kanturk Every 2nd Friday ( 1st & 3rd Friday of Month) 11.30/11.40/11.50/12.00am 2.30pm
Clonbanin-Dromagh-Coolclough-Kanturk Every 2nd Friday (2nd & 4th Friday of Month) 11.30/11.40/11.50/12.00am 2.30pm
Cullen-Millstreet Monthly (2nd Thursday of Month) 9.30am 12.30pm
Derrinagree-Mallow Monthly (2nd Saturday of Month) 1.45pm 4.30pm
Derrinagree-Millstreet Monthly (2nd Saturday of Month) 11.00am 2.15pm
Dromahane-Glantane-Gortroe-Laharn-Lombardstown-Newberry-Mallow Weekly (Friday) 9.50am,9.55,10.00,10.05, 10.20, 10.30, 10.45am 1.45pm
Freemount-Lismire-Kilbrin-Castlemagner-Mallow Weekly (Every Saturday) 10.20am/10.30/10.40/11.00/11.20am 2.00pm
Firmount-Adhallane-Carrigcleena-Glenogue -Mallow Weekly (Every Thursday) 10.05am,10.15am,10.20am, 10.25am, 10.50am. 2.40pm
Kanturk-Banteer-Lyre-Nadd-Kanturk Weekly (Every Tuesday) 10.15am, 10.20, 10.30,10.40,10.50, 11.10am 2.35pm
Kanturk-Cecilsotwn-Castlemagner-Kanturk Weekly (Friday) 9.20am/9.30am/9.40am 12.20pm
Kanturk-Freemount-Kanturk Weekly (Every Friday) 10.15/10.30/11.15am 1.35pm
Kilbrin-Kanturk Weekly (Every Friday) 10.00am 1.25pm
Knocknagree-Killarney Monthly (3rd Saturday of Month) 11.00an 5.00pm
Meelin-Newmarket Weekly (Every Friday) 10.00am 1.00pm
Nadd-Lyre-Banteer-Kanturk Weekly (Every Friday) 10.20/10.30/10.40/11.05am 1.00pm
Newmarket-Kanturk CIE Every Third Thursday of the month 9.30am-9.45am One Way
Newmarket-Taur-Abbeyfeale Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of Month 10.00am-10.15/11.05am 1.00pm
Rockchapel Area-Rockchapel Post Office Every 2nd & 4th Friday 10.45am 12.45pm
Rockchapel-Glash Bridge-Ballydesmond-Kiskeam-Boherbue-Kanturk Weekly (Every Tuesday) 9.30am, 9.40, 9.50,10.00, 10.10/10.20am 1.00pm
Rockchapel-Meelin-Newmarket (CIE) Every 2nd Saturday (1st & 3rd Sat. of Month) 9.10am, 9.40am/9.55am 6.00pm
Gneeveguilla-Knocknagree-Rathmore-Cork Sunday Evening (College Service) Sunday 4.00pm, 4.15pm, 4.30pm 5.30pm
Cork-Rathmore, Knocknagree, Gneeveguilla Friday Evening (College Service) Friday 2.10pm, 3.10pm, 3.20pm 3.35pm
Taur-Newmarket Every Friday 10.30am 1.00pm
Glash-Ballydesmond-Kiskeam-Boherbue-Millstreet Every Thursday 9.30am, 9.40, 9.50,10.00, 10.10/10.20am 1.00pm
Rockchapel-Tralee Once a month Demand responsive service Ring DART for details.
Rockchapel-Kanturk Every Thursday 10.40am 1.30pm
College Feeder Service- Sunday Rathmore-Millstreet. Friday Millstreet-Rathmore. Every Sunday & Friday during College Year Sunday 4.15pmFriday 6.30pm 4.35pm7.05pm
Rockchapel-Boherbue Monday-Friday 8.30am 5.30pm
Rockchapel Young at Heart Every second Friday Demand responsive service Ring DART for details.

Evening Services

Name of Route Frequency First Pick Up Commence Return Journey
Mallow-Dromahane-Lombardstown-Banteer Tuesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Dromahane-Ballyclough-Cecilstown-Castlemagner-Kanturk-Banteer Tuesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Bweeng-Donoughmore-Nadd-Lyre-Banteer Tuesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Meelin-Freemount-Johnsbridge-Kanturk-Banteer Tuesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Barraduff-Banteer Tuesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Freemount-Banteer Tuesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Mallow-Dromahane-Lombardstown-Kanturk Wednesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Cullen-Knocknagree-Kiskeam-Boherbue-Kanturk Wednesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Donoughmore-Nadd-Banteer-Kanturk Wednesdays 7.20pn 10.55pm
Milford-Broadford-Dromcollogher-Freemount-Kanturk Wednesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Carriganima-Milltreet-Rathcoole-Banteer-Kanturk Wednesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Rockchapel-Meelin-Newmarket-Lismire-Kanturk Wednesdays 7.20pm 10.55pm
Mallow-Dromahane-Lomabrdstown-Kanturk-Kilbrin Mondays 7.20pm 10.55pm

Save the DART from September 2009

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  1. HI, i live in Rathcoole close to Millstreet. I am in urgent need for transportation to Tralee University Hospital and back.. My Husband Christopher Oconnell is in that hospital and he is very sick and needs me there daily. This would include Christmas day and St. stephens day. I am willing to pay for the petrol/diesel used. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE.

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