LTV2 Prog 152: Rural TV and music by Crystal Swing

Interview with Country and Western Music promoter Hugh O`Brien who tells us about the new TV Channel called Rural TV which he is involved in which goes out on Sky Channel 279 and on Free to Air as well, and also some music from up and coming Country and Western Band Crystal Swing

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2 thoughts on “LTV2 Prog 152: Rural TV and music by Crystal Swing”

  1. I am very impressed with this venture.Ihave enjoyed browsing and learning about Millstreet local TV.I went to Cholaiste Phadraig (1961 to 1965)Millstreet is well known here in Kildare,thanks to the various hardworking voluntary groups who work hard for the bem=nefit of their community

  2. Delighted that you enjoy viewing highlights of some of our Local Television programmes, Richard, in Kildare. In time we hope we may have an increase on our online coverage. I attended that very same Secondary School in Millstreet (1963-1968). Very best wishes and Happy Viewing…Seán Radley (for LTV2 Millstreet).

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