3 thoughts on “Dolmen near Millstreet”

  1. Is this the one just to the East of Knocknakilla?? I recognize the rocks, I think, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve NOT seen the young ladies there…

  2. Sure…..built back in the 1990’s when the field was being reclaimed.

    You can find it at an entrance to the field about 1km before Knocknakilla stone circle.

    The heading should be Dolmen?????

    1. If built in the 90’s, then neither “Megalithic Tomb” nor “Dolmen” is correct. Mega = Large Lithos=Stone but , I’m presuming nobody is buried there? A dolmen being a Neolithic Tomb, that term is incorrect, also. My suggestion? Knock it down and build something 21st century, a playground, perhaps? or else build a proper replica of a neolithic tomb, so as to educate people.

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