Fireball in the Sky before 6pm tonight to Matt Cooper on his Last Word radio show on TodayFM this evening, he said that he had just got a text saying that someone had just seen a huge light in the sky over Millstreet moving north east towards Kanturk. He thought it was a hoax at first, but then they started getting loads of texts from all around the country. It looks like it was a large meteorite, hundreds of times bigger than your normal shooting star. Here’s a video of the meteorite on youTube.

“Looked like a firework at first, kinda green, but far too big. Then it seemed to disappear for a split second, the reappeared looking more orange/yellow” –

Did anyone have to good fortune to see it? I didn’t. Let us know if you did.

Update March 2010: Looks like the videos have been removed from YouTube sorry ๐Ÿ™ … but here’s another one where David Moore of Astronomy Ireland talks about the meteor

also covered on RTE news

Denehy, O’Leary, Dineen & Sullivan

I am a descendant of John Denehy and Hanora O’Leary Denehy who were married in Millstreet 3/1/1870 and emigrated to Clinton County Ohio in 1873. John had a sister Hanora who married Wm. Haley s/o Dennis and Julia (Creedon) from Macroom and emigrated in 1868. Jeremiah a brother of John and Hanora joined them later. John’s father was Jeremiah Denehy married to Johanna Dineen. Hanora O’Leary Denehy’s parents were Patrick O’Leary and Johanna Sullivan O’Leary. If there are any Denehy, O’Leary, Dineen or Sullivan researchers who would like to share information I would love to hear from them.
Regards, Deanna Lyon

The marriage record is here: Marriage of JOANNES (JOHN) DENAHY of KEELMEEDY and HONORA LEARY of ADRIVAL on 1 March 1870

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Rathcoole Rovers B 2 Los Zarcos 1

In another hard fought derby encounter Rathcoole sent their Millstreet visitors home pointless after a late goal in the AUL Murphy’s League 3A on Sunday morning last. This was always going to be a hotly contested affair but it was Los Zarcos who looked to have the upper hand early on. They went into the lead after 10 minutes when Martin Murphy connected with a corner only to see the ball come back off the crossbar, and bounce of at least one defender before ending up in the net.

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