Cork’s Maureen O Sullivan and Her Hamper Packers Community Christmas Appeal for the Homeless 2009

Margaret Crean and Maureen O Sullivan like to thank everyone for the generous supply of food stuffs and clothing donated to the above Christmas appeal 2009.

Times might be tough but the response from the people of North Cork would make you proud.

This year I travelled from Millstreet to Cork with icy roads to deliver the donated items on the cold Tuesday evening before Christmas. Bridget and Pat Buckley travelled with their children Anna, Patrick and Carolyn .

All the food items went to a collection point where a group of volunteers, mainly students from Secondary schools were waiting. Under the guidance of Maureen O Sullivan, everyone distributed the donated food/Items between approx 16 Christmas parcels for the homeless, 2 hampers for another 2 homeless gentlemen and 2 hampers for some needy families.

It was wonderful to see so many young people giving up their time at Christmas.

Regular volunteers delivered the food parcels to the homeless, young and old on the nightly soup run later that week on Christmas day.

Mass was celebrated by Fr. Billy, SMA to finish the night for all whom were so good to donate items and time to this cause and the people in need were prayed for. Young Anna played her violin beautifully for the mass.

May all the days of Christmas be full of peace and joy

And may your New Year

Be a very happy one for you

(Message from Fr. Billy)

Thank you for making it a little better for the needy this Christmas

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  1. Maureen, is that you ?? I`ve been trying 2 get in touch with some people from d old country…I`m coming back soon. If that`s you on the photo please do get back 2 me..if that ss you..hows Sue LIn and the other girl..can`t` remember the name, sorry..I`d love 2 hear from ya…
    All the best and do take care …

    Igor <email>

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