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Carrauntoohil May 31st 2009

In this weeks Regional Report, Eily mentioned that Donal Coffey finished 2nd in the Puck Warriors 10K Jingle Run held in Killorglin recently (28th Nov 09)  in a time of 34:58 (full results here).

Donal never seemed like an much of an athlete when he was younger, but he has been posting some really impressive results in the last 4 to 5 years.

Not alone does he do road running, but he also partakes in mountain running around Ireland, which is organised by the Irish Mountain Running Association. His results here have also been really impressive finishing on average 4th for all races in 2009 and 7th in 2008. One seasoned athlete told me many times that you’d have to be crazy to run up and down mountains! For the rest of us, it can be a challenge even to walk to the top of these mountains and back, which makes running them at top speed seem all the more impressive.

Also, the full results for the Clara Mountain Run 2009 have been added to the site.

See below for Donal’s results and some more photos:




Date Race Abbr. Position Time %
Apr 19 Claragh Mountain CMN 2 32:49 100%
May 2 Croagh Patrick CRP 8 55:37 114%
May 3 Ben Gorm BGM 5 67:02 109%
May 10 Doon DON 1 46:08 100%
May 24 Comeraghs CMS 3 33:47 100%
May 31 Carrauntoohil CAR 9 93:53 109%
Aug 16 Mangerton MNT 3 61:01 105%

Note: the “%” Column is the percentage Donal’s time to the winning time.




Date Race Abbr. Position Time %
Apr 20 Claragh Mountain CMN 3 32:47 107%
May 11 Doon DON 2 45:34 100%
May 18 Comeraghs CMS 3 32:56 107%
Jun 1 Carrauntoohil CAR 18 106:03 126%
Jul 27 Mautherclay MTC 2 45:45 101%
Aug 17 Galtymore (National Inter-Counties) GWT 17 33:35 113%
Aug 24 Bar Na Stuaiche BNS 3 57:52 104%
Carrauntoohil May 31st 2009
Ben Gorm (Co. Mayo) May 3 2009

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  1. Yes I agree he was never the athletic type. I remember his first race the ucc 10km i stormed ahead of him from the start he soon caught me though and finished ahead of me and look at him now!! I must say him running down that hill reminds me of watching the opening credits of little house and the prairie when i was small. Never a man to boast.

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