Snowmen and Igloos

LTV2 Crew were at the scene to record the evening

WEARY residents in Millstreet forgot about their lack of water for the past month on Sunday evening and community spirit took over as people put their artistic skills to the fore and built a giant igloo and snowman.

For the estimated 16 householders at Old Coach Avenue in Millstreet it was a welcome break from the strife of the past month, as some residents have not had a drop of water out of their taps, while others went to Tubrid Well ….

Full article from the Corkman Newspaper this week.

Last week, Cork County Council put in a tanker of water and since then residents have been queueing with buckets, pans and bottles and filling up.

A resident told The Corkman that when the snow began to fall on Sunday evening, community spirit took over. “We all just left our houses and thought ‘sod it’, enough of the gloom, let’s have some fun instead,” said the resident.

She said once a few residents were seen building the giant igloo, others joined in.

“It was also a welcome break from being indoors, where the topic of water is on everyone’s minds for weeks,” she said.

The residents certainly took pride in their work as it took five and a half hours to complete.

“Well, we started to built the igloo and the snowman and it all took off from there. Everyone had great fun and it was great to hear some laughing for a change,” she said.

While the residents woes are far from over, but with a very welcome thaw taking place, they are hoping it is only a matter of time before they hear the welcome sound of water flowing out of taps again.

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