I Am Not A Poet I Never Said I Was

I am not a poet I never said I was I just pen doggerel
The sort of stuff that few bother to read and I cannot hope to sell
I’ve been rhyming for many years and though my better days long gone
Until the Reaper claims the life from me I will keep penning on
I’ve written reams and reams of rhymes one might say more than most
But that’s not something I’m proud of or of which one should boast
Though every day and every night more new rhymes come to me
I’m addicted to penning rhyme or so ‘twould seem to be
When I was in my late twenties and my hair was dark brown
I penned my first rhymes years ago back home near Millstreet Town
In my many walks in the old fields I made up rhymes on my way
I was in love with Nature then and I still love her today
And if I said I’d give up rhyming I’d be telling a lie
For I will keep penning doggerel until the day I die.

by Francis Duggan

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