Millstreet Development Group – What are they About?

In an economic downturn it is especially important to promote business, industry and shopping in any town or area. Millstreet Development Group has been established with this in mind. Millstreet has always been a traditional market town offering a wide range of goods and services. This is still very much the case. The Group has been established by a number of businesses from the Millstreet area to promote the town.

With Christmas fast approaching, the group has taken out double page advertising features in local papers to remind people just what the town has to offer. It has also set up a scheme which will allow people to buy gift vouchers at the Credit Union that can then be redeemed in any one of over twenty five shops and businesses. They have organised a number of exciting initiatives for Christmas Week which include Carol Singing, Christmas music and lights, and a Marquee in the Square to sell a range of food and crafts. All this is designed to help keep money in the town.

Once Christmas is out of the way, the group hopes to focus on a number of broader issues affecting the town. A major issue at present is the lack of an industrial zone in the area to allow new light industrial businesses to open or allow existing businesses to expand. Also, the group feels that tourism should be promoted and encouraged. The area is one of outstanding natural beauty with a great facility in The Millstreet Country Park. Any increase in tourism would surely benefit everyone in the town.

Millstreet Development Group has plenty of work to do, but with the enthusiasm and hard work of its members and support from the wider community it should prove to be a big benefit for the town.

Millstreet Development Group meet every Tuesday night in the Wallis Arms at 9pm, and all are welcome to come, listen and contribute. The above message was submitted by the MDG Secretary.

Here is an article from the Corkman newspaper on November 12th

Millstreet Development Group is working for the future of our town — and that also means all of the people of our town. By pulling together we can all build a brighter future, and that’s what we aim to do.

And you have a part to play, too.

Promoting business, industry and shopping, and the creation and sustaining of jobs in our locality is what we’re all about. This means prosperity and livelihoods for the people of Millstreet and the wider area.

Millstreet is our traditional market town and offers a wide range of choice for any shopper seeking high quality service.

This is a town that has long been associated with providing an excellent level of customer service, and there are so many local businesses working for the customer and for the community as a whole.

Choosing Millstreet as a place to shop means you have a wide range of choice and value, with easy access and parking — and a friendly face to greet you.

The community spirit that is prevalent in Millstreet is the major driving force that will enable the town to overcome the current economic downturn.

Millstreet has always prided itself on offering top quality goods and services at an affordable cost.

The sense of pride that Millstreet business owners have in our town is evident in their service to the customer.

Millstreet has something to offer everyone, and has the great benefit that it’s right on your doorstep. This saves people travelling long distances and paying surprisingly steep parking charges to ‘save’ little or nothing.

We in Millstreet Development Group are certain that the sense of community spirit, high level of customer service and, perhaps most of all, our commitment to the community, will ensure that the town continues to grow and prosper.

And another article on the Gift Vouchers that are available for Christmas

Here you’ll see the strength of what Millstreet has to offer, the range of goods and services available right on your doorstep.

What we ask of you is to simply consider buying locally first.

You’ll see what we have to offer and it’s all available to serve you, the customer.

As an added bonus, we’ll be adding in special offers for a variety of products and services each week.

That means you’ll be getting added value, and added savings shopping in Millstreet in what is now the run-up to Christmas.

This is a concerted effort by the members of Millstreet Development Group to better serve our community so as to keep it strong and vibrant. And that’s not all. We are also launching the Millstreet Gift Voucher Scheme, and it’s the perfect way to spread community power while giving you great flexibility at the same time.

Vouchers are for sale in Millstreet Credit Union, and you’ll be able to use them in a variety of businesses throughout the town.

Check out Millstreet notes participating stores.

The vouchers could make ‘ the ideal Christmas present’ or, perhaps better again, the ideal pre-Christmas present.

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  1. The gift vouchers will definitely solve the problem of “what to buy” someone who has everything! Brilliant idea!

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