Stephen O’Riordan on the RTE News last Night

Stephen O’Riordan who made the film “The Forgotten Maggies”, has taken it a step further and yesterday was spokesperson for the victims as they seek compensation for their years in the Magdalen laundries. There is an article in today’s Irish Independant on the topic, and there was an item on the RTE News last night which you can see if you click on the still image above (the article starts at 10:15 in the clip).

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  1. hi steven i just watched ur programe on tg4 .and just have to say ,at 45 years of age and always felt proud to be irish ,how sad and hurt for all thoses women i felt .that had to go through that hell,, in ireland , and the women that died in all those institutions, all i can say is thank god for steven o riordan ,,your parents , family and friends should be so so so proud of you .. god bless you ,ann o donnell mallow

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