Malpaso – Black and White

A quiet Monday evening in the Malpaso Bar

A dark but nevertheless interesting photo taken in the Malpaso Bar last year. It was taken by Shaun Downey who was on holiday here.  His mother Nora Mary O’Sullivan (Noreen ‘Sal’) originally comes from Main Street, and was staying in Clara View. The picture was posted on his blog The Poor Mouth as a featured photograph.


Shaun is a nephew of Kevin O’Sullivan of Main Street, known to us as Kevin ‘Sal’, who passed away in 2012. His mum Nora passed away in March 2015.

Update (2015-03): sadly it has come to our attention that Shaun as passed away in march 2013. His facebook profile is still maintained. see it here:


4 thoughts on “Malpaso – Black and White”

  1. Hi

    I was surprised to see my photo of inside the Malpaso appear elsewhere! Just for info, we stayed at Clara View. My mum was born and raised on Main Street. My uncle still lives there

    Great blog you have here!

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