Mahon Falls


10 Oct 2009

Co. Waterford


Mary O’Mahony

Eileen asked us to take her on one last momentous walk before venturing to pastures new.

We have known each other, now, for almost 10 years so Denis and I wanted to make this different!

This, is a dedication to a true and valued friend, who has the courage to venture off to South Carolina, thus, improving career prospects and whatever else life holds in store.

The very beautiful Mahon Falls in Co. Waterford is our chosen ‘GIFT’

Blessed with the day we were! Days in July 2009 were not as good!! Seriously!

Sat. 10 Oct. 2009 we set out on what can only be called one hell of good Summer Day.

The River Mahon flows from the Comeragh Mountains in County Waterford and gathers

Force to create the Mahon Falls, a tall cascade on the Mahon River that empties from a mountain lake overlooking the southern coast.

Located off the N25 at Leamybrien, the Falls are located 20 kilometers from Waterford city. A cascade runs down the centre of a high and wide valley, populated with many types of vegetation, jutting rocks, and herds of domestic sheep and Goat’s.

It is deceivingly tall, and the valley deceivingly wide.

Mahon Falls can only be approached by car and accessed on foot.

The walk up the left hand side of the valley onto Comeragh Mountain Cnoc Na Phoebre (668m) itself is a hard slog .

Not so daunting? Is it? Early days yet.

Spectacular. Oh yeah

Where will I go now? OH yeah Eileen is coming across!

Eileen says “Denis! You should no have taken my Ass!”

Mary says, “Eileen Concentrate”! Put your foot on that stone right there!

Not the slippery one. Forget about your ass for now!

Top of the Falls. Hard to believe. So quite, so calm, so flat.! This climb is one of my treasured climbs In Ireland but maybe because it is because I love waterfalls!

The stones were very slippery, treacherous and dangerous for the inexperienced.

So, be, so very, very careful. We were lucky that rains were at a low and crossing where we did might not be possible under normal circumstances. Strangely in Ireland we have had no rain in the past 3 weeks, save for one day.

2.5 hrs approx.

CLIFF WLAK IN ARDMORE beside the Cliff House Hotel Fabulous day out, not finished yet.

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