Country Park Stone Circle. Photos and Amazement

Stone Circle at Millstreet Country Park
Stone Circle at Millstreet Country Park

There’s some very beautiful photography of the stone circle in the Millstreet Country Park by Ken Williams at this site , where he has this to say:

Every once in a while you come across a place that puts your head in a spin and in all the confusion you just want to laugh. This is a very odd place. Very, very odd. After seeing a handful of pics in a picture library of a stone circle with some unusual looking arrangements around it, there was nothing else to be done only track this strange place down and see it for myself …

You can read the rest of his article here:

You didn't have to tell us!

With due regard for frightening away prospective visitors to Millstreet, I came across a very interesting article on the Summer Rainfall of 2008 published by Met Eireann that contains rainfall information for Millstreet (amongst towns all over the country). Now, we all know that summer 2008 was very very bad, and there were two days in particular when the heavens opened and flooded parts of the town (June 22nd & July 31st), but it’s worth the inclusion anyhow.

Below are some of the ‘highlights’ for Millstreet.

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