Heritage Information Trail

On Sunday 27th August, IRD Duhallow hosted a Heritage Information Trail on the side of Mushera mountain in conjunction with the National Heritage Week. It was unfortunate that the timing clashed with a number of other events in the area, but all the same a nice but truthly interested group showed on what was a lovely sunny afternoon. It was a really simple but effective idea to stop at a local place of heritage, discuss, and move onto the next one. We visited the Kerrymans Table and Jack Lane talked about the Butter Road, it’s past history, it’s current working role and it’s role for the future. From there we moved to St Johns Well where Monsignor Manning and Jack Roche talked about it’s history, importance and a few stories of its past. Then onto the Country Park where Donie Howard led the group through the walk that remembers people of local and national importance, and the effect they had on the area. Finally, enough of the history and there were plenty of refreshments provided in the visitors centre of the Country Park.

Thanks especially to Helen O’Sullivan who organised and and sponsored the day on behalf of IRD Duhallow.

*Monsignor Manning, John Kelleher and John Sheehan listening to Jack Lane
*Jack Lane talks about the history and the hopes for the future of the butter road.
*Some of the intestered audience on what was actually a lovely sunny day
*Jack Roche from IRD Duhallow who organised the information trail
*Jack Lane spoke about the origins of St Johns Well and also the other two wells on the mountain. There were other stories of interest told also.
*Donie Howard speaking in the Country Park
*Jack Roche outlining the achievements and importance of TK Whitaker

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