LTV2 Programme 60

Swift uplifting reaction to LTV2 Millstreet going global! Historic milestones on a website are rare but we certainly have reached one of our most significant milestones on with the transmission of programme highlights from LTV2 Millstreet – our community based and non-commercial local television channel. All this development began several months ago when Hannelie O’Connor, John O’Riordan (Church Street) and Michael Cashman (Tullig) met at Millstreet Museum to discuss the possibility of LTV2 web transmission. I was privileged to be at that meeting and could not fail to be utterly impressed by the inspiring enthusiasm of all three people. And what a fruitful result has emerged! Presently we are linking with YouTube and sharing highlights of Programme 60 (first transmitted in November 2006). Provided that you have Broadband the transmission is fast and clear and is shared in ten-minute segments. Our intention is to provide John O’Riordan with a master disc of our weekly programmes at weekends. John will then arrange to place highlights of the programme of the previous week on our website for global viewing. The LTV2 team expresses sincere thanks to Hannelie, John & Michael for according us (all on a dedicated spontaneous basis) this truly amazing opportunity which will allow global viewing. We especially invite our web viewers to email us at <email> indicating where they are viewing the web transmission and also encourage them to comment and make constructive suggestions which may be incorporated in future programmes. Already a phone call from G. O’Meara (renowned photographer), Mallow who logged into the new LTV2 link on our website….clearly very impressed with the standard of studio and on-location camera work as well as with the studio presentation! LTV2’s Seán Murphy even feels that he will receive job offers when his “cooking skills” will be seen worldwide! Do watch out for a special Summer Transmission at the end of July when our focus will be on the FICC World Camping & Caravanning Rally being held in Millstreet 18th – 29th July 2007 (Seán Radley reporting for LTV2Millstreet)

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